M is for MAD
Have you been splattered before by the Mad Hatter Matador?
Cake batter, nevermore
It don't matter weather you're
Spanish, French, Swedish, or Cambodian
I'll slime you so hard you could be on Nickelodeon
swallow b_tch, there's people starv_ng _n Africa
...the sky is falling...
Free Khims
The Khims in the Very Merry Unbirthday lair are free to anyone. Just as long as it's your unbirthday. Just PM me if you want one.
Making Babies
If you want to breed with one of my Khims, or want me to breed a couple for you, just go ahead and message me. I most likely won't charge more than 1tr, unless it's a super special Khim for some reason.
Down the rabbit hole...

Customs that will never happen...