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Second Annual Silver Chocolate Hunt Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy
Copper Marine Festival Scavenger Hunt Trophy
August 2012 Gold Snowcone Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy
November 2012 Gold Pumpkin Pie Trophy
October 2012 Bronze Candy Corn Trophy
Copper Scare Tactics 2012 Trophy
Copper Paranoia 2012 Trophy
December 2012 Gold Roasted Chestnut Trophy
January 2013 Gold Strawberry Jam Shortbread Trophy
February 2013 Silver Candy Heart Trophy
March 2013 Gold Orange Slice Trophy
April 2013 Gold Jelly Bean Trophy
May 2013 Gold Fudge Trophy
June 2013 Gold Cherry Trophy
July 2013 Gold Iced Mocha Trophy
August 2013 Gold Flan Trophy
September 2013 Gold Ice Cream Sandwich Trophy
October 2013 Gold Carrot Sticks Trophy
November 2013 Gold Turkey Leg Trophy
January 2014 Gold Bubbly Trophy
February 2014 Gold Meringue Trophy
March 2014 Gold Chocolate Mousse Trophy
April 2014 Gold Gingersnap Trophy
May 2014 Gold Cupcake Trophy
June 2014 Gold Potato Chips Trophy
July 2014 Gold Peach Trophy
August 2014 Gold Fruit Smoothie Trophy
September 2014 Gold Oatmeal Muffin Trophy
October 2014 Gold Popcorn Trophy
November 2014 Gold Pizza Slice Trophy
December 2014 Gold Trail Mix Trophy
January 2015 Gold Bowl of Noodle Soup Trophy
March 2015 Gold Rootbeer Trophy
April 2015 Gold Boiled Egg Trophy
May 2015 Gold Pineapple Ring Trophy
June 2015 Gold Soft Pretzel Trophy
July 2015 Bronze Corn Dog Trophy
September 2015 Gold Cornbread Trophy
October 2015 Gold Caramel Apple
November 2015 Gold Bacon-Maple Bar
December 2015 Gold Cinnamon Roll
January 2016 Gold Lox
February 2016 Gold Cherry Cordial
April 2016 Gold Shish-Kebab
May 2016 Gold Bell Pepper Trophy
July 2016 Gold Taco Trophy
August 2016 Gold Cheeseburger Trophy
September 2016 Gold Pancakes Trophy
October 2016 Gold French Macarons Trophy
November 2016 Gold Roasted Rosemary Yams Trophy
December 2016 Gold Gingerbread Arabasti Cookie Trophy
February 2017 Gold Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Trophy
March 2017 Gold Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Trophy
April 2017 Gold Marshmallow Pops Trophy
May 2017 Gold Tuna Nigiri Trophy
February 2018 Gold Spaghetti Trophy
March 2018 Bronze Caramel Bar Trophy
April 2018 Gold Honeydew Trophy
May 2018 Gold Raspberry Carton Trophy
June 2018 Bronze Carrot Salad Trophy
October 2018 Gold Candy Necklace Trophy
November 2018 Bronze Rappie Pie Trophy
December 2018 Gold Peppermint Mallow Trophy
January 2019 Gold Tamale Trophy
February 2019 Bronze Heart Lolli Trophy
March 2019 Gold Coddle Trophy
April 2019 Silver Bananas Foster Trophy
May 2019 Silver Cran-pistachio Nougat Trophy
June 2019 Gold Choco Almond Cluster Trophy
August 2019 Gold Infused Water Trophy
September 2019 Gold Chocolate Éclair Trophy
October 2019 Bronze Choco-lantern Apple Trophy
November 2019 Silver Pecan Pie Trophy
December 2019 Gold Plum Pudding Trophy
January 2020 Bronze Chocolate Bloom Trophy
March 2020 Gold Cake Truffle Trophy
April 2020 Gold Ayalar Pop Trophy