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I'm a Junior in high school (11th grade) currently studying various medical subjects. I am currently in training to be an STNA in the medical program at my career high school.
I enjoy photography, drawing, and occasionally singing to myself. Also plan to study to be a registered nurse (RN).
If there's one thing I absolutely love doing it's raising and taking care of my fish. I've got a 20g which used to be a guppy tank but now houses my crowntail large dumbo beta with 8 or so neon tetras of varying colors. Also have a 75g semi-aggressive tank. I also now added a new tank to the family! :D It's a 30g community with tiger barbs, cherry barbs, some left over guppies, and a few others. They all get along surprisingly well.
A hobby of mine is photography. The flower pic below is on of mine.
And i recently got a parrot. Love her to bits!

Really all I can think of to tell you about at the moment. Mabey i'll add more later.
Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Assassins Creed I,II,III. But I especially love Altiar and Ezio <3
--_//-- --\\_--
--\ (_---_) /--
You can always ask me questions, wont bother me at all. I enjoy helping. :)

Favorite bands Three Doors Down, Korn, Three Days Grace, Mushroomhead and a lot more. But KoRn is the BEST!

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I caught a a phoenix on camera! :)


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