Pitch-black Void
Name's Vergil. Unintentionally wandered off for...a few years whoops.
Currently trying to bring some order to the absolute chaos that is my inventory.
Why so many Bengals what was I thinking
Gotta figure out how everything works again ^_^;

I like cuddling kitties and drinking tea.
But not at the same time, because that's a disaster waiting to happen.
Purple is the best colour.
Asadias are my favourite breed <3 (or at least they were last I checked)
Sunken Opera House

Underground Arena
Subterranean Lake
Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Tournament #1 Battle Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy
August 2011 Gold Icepop Trophy
Copper Scare Tactics 2012 Trophy
Copper Paranoia 2012 Trophy
December 2012 Gold Roasted Chestnut Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy