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July 4th,
-I have created my first beauty... In her image. The newly formed creature pales in comparison to the immaculate visage of my beloved, but it is a start; and looking at the newly formed 'her' does remind me of my purpose... It reminds me of my longing... Longing for that which seems always out of reach.

July 3rd,
-A veil has been lifted and chains broken. It is al connected. My true nature is discovered. I; like my lady am a creature not of this world, but made of divine essence. The stars aligned and we were both struck by holy fires, and have been gifted with flight. I know now why I have never needed to fear these beasts about me. I needn't fear because I am not mortal. These are the truths reveled to me this day.

June 8th,
-A Vortex of some kind has opened up and devoured many khimeras into its blackness. Perhaps they are not dead but merely trapped. Trapped like the lady of my visions.

June 6th,
-I think I did something... In my dream I reached out to her, I followed her vice and found her chained. She reached out her hand and as I touched her gentle fingers, the chains around her neck seemed to fade away. The darkness seemed to lash out against me, and upon awaking I have had a horrible pain across my form.

May 25th,
-Her screams rack my dreams. She is real. She must be... I must find her; save her.

May 18th,
-The Renegades have overthrown Nemesis and rejoined with the pack for safety in numbers. I have found myself unaffected by the elements. No matter how hot or cold it is, I feel comfortable.. My body is adjusting to this strange place.

May 17th,
-The Fae have been driven off. Their good nature has been their heel against the crueler tribes. I am uncertain if it is related, but since their vanishing, I have had odd dreams. I see black fields, and an abyss of fog and darkness. Through the night I hear a woman's voice. She seems trapped, or... caught within the night. I can't describe it further.

All I can say is that they are the most vivid dreams Ive ever had. This place is like nothing I have ever experienced.

April 10th,
-Ive noticed that the pack has been growing smaller and smaller. Those that make up the pack are strong, and seem to continue to grow stronger, but on rare occasions they will lose one of their number. The pride will similarly on occasion lose one of its number, but they seem to be multiplying at a rate far greater than the once strongest group upon khimeros.

April 1st,
-Something amazing and frightening has happened... The hunted have become the hunters. In general those weaker khimeras are kicked out of their packs or prides and forced to wander alone; weak and eventually succumbing to the fate of the prey. Being stalked and killed alone; feeding the other stronger khimeras. Today, just as a large group of them faced certain death their very flesh ripped and morphed, changing them into larger, half eagle, half lion beasts. Some took to the skys others began to reap their vengeance on those who have persecuted them for so long.

March 30th,
-There is a magic to this place. It is infectious. I'm not sure how else to describe it other than it is having some effect over me. I do not feel ill... but quite the opposite. My health has improved greatly, all of my senses even seem to be enhanced from when I first arrived. There is more to it though, and at times I find it difficult to concentrate. I'm not sure what else to say...

March 18th,
-Things have almost settled into stagnation. No more deaths from the disease have occurred in some time, but a strange Miasma has appeared. There seems to be an obvious link between it and the disease, but what that link is, I am uncertain.

February 16th,
-Not much has changed in the landscape. The new order of things has been established, once again with the pride and pack dominant. The weak continue to die off, but the strong remain. It is also a pleasant sight when I see old companions. Ones who have endured all that has happened these harsh times.

February 3rd,
-It looks like the disease has run its course. A month has passed and there have been no signs of it. It has been far from peaceful, as many of the weaker khimeras have been claimed by the ferocity of the Pack or Pride, but such is the nature of nature.

January 21,
-The worst of the disease seems to be over, no dead have been found in some time. Unrest seems to be within the pride, as their numbers seem to have swollen in comparison to the other groups around, and the food stock is dwindling.

January 3rd
-C'vity of the pride, was found dead, stricken with the disease. The former outcasts have been driven off from their territory by the new lioness and in their place the new and 'dig friendly' weasel type of Khmera has sprung up in the power vacuum. 47.

January 1st
-A new lioness has appeared from the barren snow covered landscapes. She seems to have nothing but contempt for the rest of the pride, but has joined them for now. She is powerful; none argue that. Everyone just wonders as to the motives of this potent creature.

December 27th
-The disease has travelled to the Stables where it has hit Be'el, Dreyt, Violet Wind, and Hecal. The results have been sadly the same. The Outcasts lost two, Pico, and Mer'iol. 46.

December 25th
-The worst seems over, but five more were found dead. Among them were Viol of the Likos Pack; one of the oldest among them. Kal'efferin, Another stag fell ill and was found near the grove, and two others among the renegade factions died. Vein, one of the strongest in the region as well as Bli'ht, a massively powerful khimera who had been terrorizing the mountains for some time. Both died effortlessly against the disease.

The count is now up to 40 lives claimed.

December 23rd
-Two more bodies were found dead in the grove. As of yesterday one of them was one of the healthiest among the stag's and was without a doubt the boldest of them all, seeming to fear nothing. As seen with the Asadia, the disease seems to have little difficulty humbling even the mightiest of beasts.
-I stumbled upon the former lair of the Renegade Likos pack... It was disturbing. It seems roughly half of their number have become victims to this. I counted and cataloged the dead. They include; Yerel -one of their commanders, Blue Forest, Islet, Maerlus, Meria'ld -another commander, Noel, Gen'si, Shade, and the Female leader of their pack 'Clarity'. Im not sure how this will affect the dynamic here, but with their numbers thinned so dramatically, I can only assume there will be a power shift within the region.
-I recorded three dead among the fae, 'Nez', 'Myro' and Moug'li, though it seems that a blood or kin relationship may be involved. It seems the offspring of a parent struck with this disease is almost always effected. This implies to me a genetic correlation.

As of right now, the disease has claimed 36 khimeras.... I can only hope its run its course.

Winterfest-December 22nd:
-Though we should be celebrating, a disease has swept through the pride and packs. Many Asadia and Likos fell, as did a few within the grove, however there it seemed to end. The cause of the disease is unknown however it took the lives of 26 Khimeras.