Me :
Hello ! :)

I'm pretty lazy, so my shop is not updated anymore since a while (i put all items for 1 beads, in order to display them). ^^' If you need something inside, offer on it with a private message. Or ask to me, i will tell you a price. :)

I am sorry if I make mistakes, or if I take a long time to answer. I speak English pretty good but sometimes it's more difficult, if I am tired or doing something else... ^^'

I discovered Khimeros on an other game and I fell in love with cute cabbits and lovely kalans ! But all breeds and items i've met after are wonderfull ! :D

If you would like to trade with me, i do not like :
- Achak, Blob, Borgon, Borkel, Phantom, Typhon, Urdra.
- All items that remind our world, except if they are alived (or some very rare exceptions). For example, i do not use "Rustic Cabin Interior", but i love "Eosian Pixi of Tranquility" or "Leetol Mouse - Grey", and almost all plants.

I do love all colors, mostly green and blue.


I can sell these overlay and their khimbits for 3 beads :
All my khimeras for sale are here
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