I sell the following growables so if you need some pm me!


Need these chrys:aeria
pescado rainbow trout(master item copy)

Cash shop bits

Collectable bits

Alu deco
fiery rat spirits toxic,natural,electric,fiery
rabbit spirits toxic
climbing frog blue,green

My masters

My plat and gold khims

Likes-anime(shaman king,shingeki no kyoujin,nisekoi,gugure kokkuri-san,kuroshitsuji,fullmetal alchemist,slayers etc)
-playing games(rpg,otome games)
-animals(especially bunnies and dogs,cats and chinchillas too)
-music(rock,japanese music)

Dislikes:to study,waking up early

I like-pink,purple bits and khims
Seeking these bits

designs can be dif colors
755 or pink
or 964
Seeking these bits

these designs can be in dif colors
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