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Hi, I'm Kia [she/her]. I'm 26 and I live in B.C., Canada.

Sorry if I don't talk much, I do like meeting other people! I have Social Anxiety Disorder and get nervous easily, especially about accidentally offending someone, so I rarely introduce myself or 'get out there' so to speak.

I like to read, watch movies/tv, play video games, and craft, particularly knitting and crocheting, although I can also sew, paint, and draw a little. I'm a huge nerd/geek and will happily talk about nerdy, geeky stuff all day.

I'm learning other languages! My first language is English, but I am attempting to learn Esperanto, ASL (american sign language), and Japanese. If you know/are learning any of these languages feel free to practice with me!
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Stuff I need/want:
Nice deco plants, especially stuff like grass, background-type plants
Some warmly/brightly coloured filters
SPACE stuff <3
Pretty much any nice deco things haha
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