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I don't yet understand how this works. Hello world, I'm me.

"Me" is the relative term for the person behind the computer, so I'm female, married, and a novelist. I don't conform to any one label and I don't like them in general. I have three daughters and a husband - they are Adia (10), Lilly and Kitty (both 7.) Spouse is my 43 year old.

My favorite band is Daft Punk, but my favorite song is "Kinks Shirt" by Matt Nathanson today. I like lavender as a color. I have six cats.

My favorite food is really, really tricked out hot and sour soup. Badly made hot and sour soup is my least favorite food. I'll eat almost anything, and I delight in learning new recipes. I am a Sriracha princess. It's a whole food group.

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