***I currently do not take any requests until I have plenty enough Khims to breed. ***

I will not take requests for breeding or selling within the "My Pack" lair group. These are for me to play around with.

Please to not release any Khims you get from me. It will make its parents and me very upset. And you will not be getting another trade or sale (or even a giveaway) from me in the future. I also would appreciate it if you don't sell giveaways or gifts. If you really don't want the pet anymore, talk to me and I might possibly buy it back or trade you for a different one.

Some of the breeds that are not up for sale can be requested, but this does not mean the khim is guaranteed yours. In fact, it's unlikely, but I won't mind you asking as long as the khim is not in the "My Pack" lair group.

I will specialize in Likos-Asadia hybrids. If an outcome turns out to be something other then a Likos-Asadia, I will usually put it in the "Giveaways" lair group. You can send me a message WITH A LINK TO THE BREED YOU WANT and I will trade it to you.

If there is a breed that isn't a Likos-Asadia, but you would like me to cross breed it with one of my other pets, you can request it. I usually won't allow this, though, because I like to keep my Likos-Asadia pets' offspring free of mixed genes. However, if I have two adoptable breeds (or an adoptable and a giveaway breed) that you'd like me to cross-breed I will do that. Occasionally, I will request a few extra trinkets for this, especially if the female is from the adoptable lair group since she won't be able to be for sale while she is guarding the Chrysalids for 2 days.

Once I have enough pets to breed, I MIGHT keep a lair group of khims for others to breed with. These will usually be khims that have a look-a-like, that I don't mind others using for breeding, or a pet that I took out of the "Adoptable" lair group. Even if this khim was previously adoptable, it is no longer for sale. You can, however, request for me to breed any one of these khims together for a slightly higher price.

If everything goes well, I will have a weekly giveaway. During the weekends ONLY I will update which item/khim will be up for the giveaway in one of the below profile modules. If I am low on stock (or too busy), I will not have a giveaway. You must send me a message before Monday, or the item is mine again. (I will go by central time NOT THE WEBSITE'S TIME, OR YOURS).

This goes for everything. I usually do not put breeds or items up for sale, I simply let everyone know how much they will be or allow negotiating, but who ever messages me first WITH A VALID LINK TO THE ITEM, gets it! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Weekend Giveaway!

There is currently not a giveaway.

I will not have a giveaway for a while, I am extremely low on inventory.