THANK YOU to mystery anonymous wonderful person who gifted me the special snowflake arabasti on 1/16/19! :D

Click here if you're interested in having me dress up your Khim!

You can call me Kernel, Kernie, or KC.
Or even Kitty or Kitty Cat. I don't mind.
They/Them pronouns, please.

I've been on Khimeros for a long time. I have fond memories of chatting with people and foraging for things. There were a few times where I was unable to get online for years but it was always nice to be able to come back here and dive back in.
I find making deco scenes to be very soothing and that's what I focus most of my energy and time into these days. I'm very shy, but I don't mind chatting, so if you ever want to message me feel free.
I am real life friends with Mitexi #1378 and we chat every day. :)

In my real life I am a geocacher, illustrator, published author, hoarder of facts, owner of cats, handler of service dogs. I currently have moved back home with my mom and her dog.
If I'm ever not on for a day or two, it's because real life has caught up to me.
I also play flight rising, and I log on there every day. I sort of still play wajas but don't spend a lot of time there.

Click here for my Khimeros wishlist!
I update it every time I add/remove things.

--I like the following:
colours - blue, green, and purple
markings - vines, fae flames, pinta, miasma, feral tabby
bases - asadias, embarrs, kalanback-embarrfront, EMBARR-DRAAKS, kalan-draaks, grimm-likos
alts - shidar, panthira asadia, ayalon, lisara, cheshire asadia, kroko draak, wyvir draak!!!, elegen draak, neferem draak, SKYWING EMBARR!!!

Khimbits of Oberon and Nerthus, my platinum esperis, stock in the special items shop!
My platinum khistabit, the Stormkaatt Khistabit also stocks in the special items shop!
If none are available message me and I will restock them.
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Posted on 2018-10-12 22:38:43
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