Account Rules

Terms of Service | Communication Rules

You may have ONE(1) account only.

By selling/trading/giving away/deleting items, Khimeras, currency, and anything else from your account, you agree that you no longer hold any claim or control over that thing. Please be sure you want to remove something from your account before you choose to do so. If you have done so accidentally, some custom items or Khimeras MAY be retrievable, but please submit a HELP DESK for assistance. This is not an opportunity to scam people, and any attempt to do so will be not be tolerated.

Do not cover, hide, or attempt to alter any part of your account, such as your user profile, or khimera profiles, in such a way that is misleading.

If you have EVER shared the same IP with another user on Khimeros (this includes logging in at a friend's house) you must obey the following rules.
  • Currency may never be transferred between the accounts.
  • Trades may be used for EVEN and FAIR market value trades. Trades that are unbalanced are not allowed.
  • Transfers may only be used to send a gift.
  • You may send ONE gift every two months. The gift may be ONE khimera, generation 2 or above, OR ONE item worth 1 bead or less.
  • Sales and breedings are allowed at FAIR market value. Giving a discount or overcharging is not allowed.
Any action that attempts to get around these rules is grounds for a permanent account ban. Suspicious behaviour beyond these rules will also be investigated. Treat your friend, relative, or otherwise common living person as any other user on the site.

Multiple people may share a single account so long as none of the people in that account own or access any other account. If you choose to share your account, or give out your login information for any reason, you have no recourse if that person does things within the account that you do not agree with. Accounts that hold multiple people cannot be divided at a later date and moved into multiple accounts. For these reasons, we recommend that you consider VERY carefully before deciding to share an account. Attempts to scam people into sharing their accounts will be dealt with severely.

If you wish to move to a different account, you must submit a help desk report. The person moving into a new account must pay a 10 bead "moving fee". Staff will move of all account contents, including all currency, items, pets, posts, messages, and account history. You may NOT move any contents yourself, share the same IP, or log into the other account at any point prior to the move.