About me
I am... many things to different people...

A best friend, a fierce protector, a lover and a fiancee to BadgerStripes. A friend to a few chosen ones. An acquaintance to many. An enemy to more than I would like. Yet not enough people know me as I am. Often I am left with a very small group of person I can count on. I am always open to friendship yet I don't want empty conversations or relationships. I am eager to negotiate for a fair trade or a good deal but I despise those that take advantage just because they can or want to. Besides that, I am... for you to discover!!!

***These days I have very little time to play on Khimeros. I roll my dice, do the occasional breeding and quest but I do check my messages. So if you are trying to reach me for talking, trading or breeding then send me a pm and then I will be a little faster to answer. Thanks!***

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Copper Scare Tactics 2012 Trophy
Copper Paranoia 2012 Trophy