Wishing Well

Wishing Well

A Wishing Penny

One of the perks of questing with Kai and Tai is achieving the "gold" trophy leve, at which point you become eligible to receive your first Wishing Penny and gain access to the Wishing Well. Once you get your first Penny and have access, you can either buy/trade for more pennies, or wait to receive more from questing.

After you have received access, you may visit any time as long as you have at least one Wishing Penny in your inventory.

The Wishing Well may have different effects on your khimeras depending which effect is active at any given time. Your khimeras may be eligible to have their colors inverted, gender inverted, back and front swapped if they are a vintage hybrid, be turned into a "phantom", or may have an overlay applied when they visit the Well.

Inverse Sprite

Sometimes when you take a khimera to the Well, nothing will happen. If something does, you will be redirected to the khimera's page and you'll see a message that says the sprite is merging with your khimera. To see the change, you have to select the "Regenerate Khimera Image" from the Khimera Control Panel. You may also receive a special "Wishing Sprite" khimbit! If you get a khimbit, you'll see a message that says a khimbit followed you home.

Please keep in mind that ALL changes are permanent. There are some cases such as color inverse where you can change the same khimera again to make it back to its original state, but there are no guarantees.