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All of my customs are available for public breeding. I have no breeding restrictions on the overlays.
I will trade my sales khims and shop items - just make me an offer!

Master items and overlays
I will trade or sell copies or khimbit versions. These are also stocked in the special item shop

2016 Gold Khimbits

2017 Lambkins

2017 Ocelotlcoatls

2017 Turixcoatls

2017 Xochiyotlcoatls

2018 Arabous

2018 Dragomorphs

2019 Ferrans

2019 Skywings

2017 Gold Items and Recolours

2017 Recoloured Items

2017 Turn In Masters

2017 Luparas

2017 Khomainu Cubs

2018 Recoloured Items

Current Trades
View trade | need cypress shrub 3, or walled garden 3 or 4
Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy
Things I have to trade:
- items in my shop
- khims in my sales lairs (including some G1 customs)
- copies of my masters (you can see them in my profile)
- items in galleries

I'm looking for:

chrysalids - aeria, finnda, purrdra, siluri, sen, dragomorph, ilvedra, phedrix, and draakal
may trade for or buy G1s of the these breeds
certain plat tokens

Glitter Star serum
certain rusa or birdielegs elixirs

Arabasti baby
Azalea shrub – pink, yellow
Barn cat – black and white
Black and white tournament banner
Black shield of justice
Black sword of justice
Blue shield of justice
Butterfly garden flower bed III, V, VI
Butterfly garden fountain – grey, onyx
Clydesdale - black
Default sky (the one actually named "default sky" - not the one named blue sky)
Erykumi rag doll
Fertile soil
Golden dagger
Golden throated hummingbird (need copy)
great tree bonsai
harvest field
harvest sky
Hummingbirb glitterii – emerald, golden, green, orange, silver, sunrise, violet
loose bow - blue
Meadow grass (the foreground, not the tufts)
Nasty bonbon
Peppermint sprig treats
Red shield of justice
Red sword of justice
Silver dagger
Special ice cube, kudzu, leaf, sugar grass treats
Venus shell – grey, pink

Black g’raffe
Caramel g’raffe
Carnival glass pterix
Jade foo
Moon catcher foo
Natural g'raffe
Nebula snowcat
Neon g’raffe
Rave g’raffe
Reverse g’raffe
Sienna g’raffe

arabi - chestnut, ghost, moon, palomino, prismatic
caiman - black, natural
chilla - female tan, raspberry swirl
drakkin - black
equu - appaloosa, female dapple, male bay, male dapple
gargol - female metallic
griffabit - black, female retro, white
khirin - female white and gold, male white and gold
lunar mof - emerald
necros - flame
origin - male or female silver and gold
panthira cub - male abyssinian
piko glitterii - diamond, natural, phoenix
snaa - black

Posted on 2016-11-16 01:03:04